The Cordova tract is a community of 500 homes nestled in south Mission Viejo. At the heart of this peaceful neighborhood is a large park which leads to a rolling greenbelt and paved path flanked by shade trees. Adjacent to the park and within walking distance of all homes is Carl Hankey, the K-8 school that boasts an International Baccaulaureate program with an added focus on foreign language and technology. Unique to the Cordova tract are mostly single story floor plans, ranging from 1,100 to 1,500 square feet. Cul-de-sacs are plentiful reducing the flow of traffic through the neighborhood. There are tennis courts located within the tract, as well as the Sierra Recreation and Fitness Center located directly across Marguerite. Streets in this tract: Ayamonte, Benidorm, Benisa, Campo Moro, Cedros, Cipres, Colmenar, El Retiro, Encinas, Huerta, Jardines, La Fuente, Manzano, Mira Flores, Nogal, Nubles, Pinocha, Pinuela, Principe, Rosario, Setenil, Sombras, Tajo, and Tossamar.


Cordova Vista is a neighborhood of roughly 440 homes located in central Mission Viejo near Olympiad, La Paz, and Jeronimo. There are 4 floor plans available ranging from 3-4 bedrooms and 1,120-1,885 square feet. This community is adjacent to Pavion Park and Reilly Elementary school. Streets in this tract: Ardisa, Boda, Botorrita, Casanal, Caspe, Daroca, Diamante, Escatron, Fonda, La Noche, Lagrima, Lanuza, Lorente, Muela, Osera, Pavion, Ronea, Sadaba, Tabuenca, Tarazona, Zancon, and Zurita.


Cordova MN is a neighborhood of roughly 700 homes located in north Mission Viejo near Santa Margarita Parkway and Los Alisos. There are 6 floor plans, mostly single story, with many cul-de-sacs. Homes range from 2-4 bedrooms and 950-1,885 square feet. This community is also within 2 miles from beautiful Lake Mission Viejo. Streets in this tract: Abanico, Abedul, Aguilar, Cabeza, Calabaza, Consejos, Cordova Rd, Crucero, El Moro, Estepona, Genil, Halcon, Hildago, Jinetes, La Cabra, La Capilla, La Tortuga, Las Nieves, Limones, Los Banos, Osuna, Padilla, Pedroso, Pinavete, Sereno, Soltero, and Velador.